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Attaching / Equipment

Another way that Owl Protocol allows for dynamic NFT mechanics is by extending the way NFTs can be owned by other NFTs.

Adding On-Chain DNA to EIP-998

Owl Protocol takes the Composable NFTs standard a step further by having the tokenURI method return not just the on-chain dna of the target NFT, but also an ABI Encoded array of all the child NFT's dna recursively.

Dynamic NFTs Diagram

Why This Is Useful

Rendering NFTs with Attached NFTs

This is especially great for Web3 Game "equipment", where the in-game state of equipped accessories, armor, weapons, and more can be accurately reflected in the NFT by having the character own the equipment NFTs.

The innovation here is that by exposing all the children NFTs recursively, all the data of the equipped items' on-chain dna is also readily available to be rendered by NFT marketplaces and more.


For more info on how the rendering process works visit: NFT Rendering

Transferring a Parent NFT Includes the Child NFTs

Another great thing about Dynamic NFTs with Attached/Equipment NFTs is that transferring the root/parent NFT also transfers all the recursively owned children NFTs. Since the NFT is the actual owner of the children NFTs, there is no extra gas cost to the transfer either.