Owl Protocol

Deployed Contracts


Below are our published and verified smart contract implementations. We strive to deploy and verify all of our smart contract implementations across major blockchain networks. The database below lists all contracts, categorizes them, and links to https://blockscan.com where you can see what networks it is on.

Deployment Method

All of our smart contract implementations are deployed at the same address across all blockchain networks. This is achieved by deploying ERC1167ProxyFactory using an address controlled by Owl Protocol and with nonce 0 on all networks where the contract is not deployed yet. This means that anyone can deploy the other contracts implementations at the same addresses once ERC1167Factory is deployed there by us.
⚠️ We considered using keyless deployment (aka Nick’s method), but many L2 networks enforce EIP-155 at consensus level which makes this impossible.

Deployed Smart Contracts

⚠️ Addresses will change due to new deployment of ProxyFactory to support networks that enforce EIP-155 at consensus. You may check out the currently deployed implementations that are verified on their respective networks.

Click Here for the Deployed Smart Contracts