Owl Protocol

NFT Layers and Skins

Create NFTs with swappable layers for skins, accessories, backgrounds, and more.
Our Dynamic NFT smart contracts treat each layer as a separate NFT, or as actual modifiable data.
This allows users and creators to swap or change the layers depending on how the collection is configured.


You will need to design each image layer and ensure that their position overlaps properly.


An image can be a composite of several layers on top of each other, which is common in many PFP NFT collections:
Which an artist will usually prepare as many separate layers:
Hat (Accessory)
Different backgrounds are also possible, in fact you can have as many layers as you want.

Swapping Layers

The key difference compared to other static NFTs, is that with Owl Protocol's smart contracts you can define certain layers to be interchangeable.
Depending on how your permissions are configured you can make layers:
  • Removable
  • Swappable with other layers
  • Tradable on a marketplace

Create New Layers!

You can even create limited edition layers as part of an activation, brand partnership, or any special event. Letting users personalize and customize certain parts of their NFT is an exciting use case we are working with many projects on.
We are building a new interface where you can deploy many of these features yourself, but in the meantime please reach out at [email protected] for collaboration.