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Block subscription

To sync with on-chain events, it's a good idea to start a block subscription as it can be used as a reference point to keep data fresh. This is recommended but not required as some apps might use a different refresh mechanism. The web3-redux block subscription hook is configured to automatically start/stop the correct subscription if the networkId parameter changes. Alternatively, you can use the subscribe()/unsubscribe() handlers for more granular control such as handling user interactions.

import { Block } from '@owlprotocol/web3-redux';
const BlocksComponent = ({ networkId }) => {
const [blocks, { subscribe, unsubsribe }] = Block.useBlockSync(networkId);

Alternatively, if not using hooks or React in general, you can manually dispatch a block sync action and use the selector as follows:

import { Block, Network } from '@owlprotocol/web3-redux';
store.dispatch(Block.subscribe({ networkId: '1' }));
const blocks = Network.selectBlocks(store.getState());