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See Manual Network Initialization for more detail. Metamask can cause issues as the injected Web3 instance is mutable and changes as users change networks. To mitigate this, Networks can be initialized with 2 web3 instances, one for read-only calls (eg. Infura) and one for wallet signed send transactions (Metamask). This way, subcriptions and call syncs can continue to work even if a user changes networks.

Override the optional web3Sender parameter when initializing the Network and set it to the injected Web3 instance. The regular read-only web3 instance should

const web3Sender = window.web3; //Metamask wallet, used for send transactions
const web3ReadOnly = new Web3('ws://localhost:8545'); //Used for calls/subscriptions
store.dispatch(Network.create({ networkId: '1', web3: web3ReadOnly, web3Sender }));