Owl Protocol

Introduction to Owl Protocol

Owl Protocol is still in BETA
This documentation is intended to give users and early partners an overview of the platform and its features.

Owl Protocol is Creating Open Standards for Dynamic NFTs

Our code allows you to create amazing things such as:


  • A suite of open-source dynamic NFT smart contracts that are backwards compatible with EIP-721/1155, that allows users to pick and choose which features to include.
  • Developer tools and SDKs to help anyone deploy dynamic NFTs with data that can change based on decentralized rules, immutable logic, or real-world data from trusted oracles.
  • A Layer 0 NFT network that can seamlessly replicate and maintain proofs of ownership for every NFT to every blockchain to allow any developer to create cross-chain NFT utilities and advanced token-gating logic.
  • Simple, yet powerful NFT logic smart contracts that can be connected to create complex on-chain rules and utilities, which can encapsulate many gaming or loyalty use cases such as upgrading, crafting, inventory, breeding, and more.
  • A no-code platform for creators and developers to easily access, manage, and deploy dynamic NFTs for the most common use cases.
Owl Protocol is the sister company of Vulcan Link, an established top Chainlink oracle operator since 2020. This project is the culmination of years of research into asset backed, dynamic NFT smart contracts, and Web3 technology for gamification.
— Learn more about Vulcan Link.


  • Owl Protocol is NOT a blockchain — Our smart contracts are already deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and other EVM-based chains.
    Although the initial platform is built for the EVM, we are porting to the newest chains such as Venom and Sui, as well as developing cross-chain technologies to synchronize our features on all the leading blockchains.
  • We are NOT a consulting company — Owl Protocol does not develop custom code or provide consulting services directly. However, we are always looking for interesting new use cases, and can refer a wide range of global development firms with experience customizing our smart