Zapier Use Cases

Use Cases

Owl Protocol Zapier App makes it trivial to add web2 connectivity to your Decentralized App. Various use cases can quickly be launched with limited coding necessary.

Airdrops & Mints


If you are looking to build a more advanced use case using Zapier (eg. Ticketing, E-Commerce) we strongly recommend trying out the Google Forms Tutorial first to get a feel for using Owl Protocol with Zapier.

Mint tokens or NFTs from Google Form submissions or Google Sheets data. Use this to reward community members or create personalized NFTs.

Event Ticketing

Integrate with platforms like Eventbrite to mint NFTs for new attendee check-ins. Each ticket purchase or event registration can trigger creating and distributing a unique NFT.

E-Commerce Integrations

Connect e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to create products with digital certificates or launch on-chain loyalty programs. Automate the process of creating and delivering digital assets (eg. NFTs, tokens) to your customers.

Database Sync


If your database is quite large, you can prototype a simple MVP using Zapier, but you should consider using the Owl Protocol API directly for your use case

Incrementally add web3 features to your existing application by syncing your database models (eg. gaming server) with blockchain smart contracts. You can keep running your existing infra that will partially be synced on-chain as database entries are made.

Let's say for example you have an SQL database with in-game assets that are not on blockchain but are associated with a user's email (or wallet address). You can easily add a onchain: bool column that when set to TRUE mints the asset to the user. More advanced logic can also be implemented that incorporates more values such as in-game points or stats.

GitHub Contributions

Reward GitHub contributors with digital assets (eg. NFTs, tokens) when they contribute code or documentation to your project. This fosters a vibrant community of developers that can help you incorporate feedback into your product.