Contracts API

Contracts API

Owl Protocol Web3 API make it easy to build Decentralized Applications using existing development tooling. Our Web3 API is designed to read and write data on blockchains.


Smart Contracts

Easily deploy and manage smart contracts utilizing our intuitive REST API endpoints and without the need for private keys or crypto.


Update smart contract metadata, such as NFT images and attributes.


Owl Protocol API manages various types of wallets without the need for private keys or crypto.

  • Developer Wallets: Programmatic wallets for your server or automations
  • User Wallets: Social Login wallets for your users
  • Smart Wallets: Transaction batching and gasless blockchain experiences. Compatible with both Developer and User wallets.

tRPC (Typescript RPC)

Owl Protcol API is built using tRPC (opens in a new tab) (Typescript RPC). If you are using Typescript, you can use our type-safe SDK to quickly iterate.



If you are using Typescript we strongly recommend using our tRPC SDK for a robust type-safe developer experience

Owl Protocol API is an OpenAPI (opens in a new tab) compliant REST API. Any programming language can be used to call the Owl Protocol API with an http client. For a more reliable type-safe developer experience, consider using (opens in a new tab) to generate a typed SDK. Feel free to contact us if you need support generating a language SDK.