Mint Batch ERC721

Mint Batch ERC721

Mint digital assets from template, or custom metadata. The token Ids are autogenerated by the contract.

	address: "0xb794f5ea0ba39494ce839613fffba74279579268"
  chainId: 130130
	to: ["","0x992fCED8E6C1Bf6F81d6a8B25ad1B925266e34e9","user_2bbIm8jepeRw0xg2RU3HfZVrzsB"]

Required fields:

  • address: address of the collection you will mint from
  • chainId: Id of the chain you want to deploy your collection on. Note that it has to match the chain you selected when creating your project.
  • to: An array of strings. Expects ethereum addresses, userIds, or user emails.

Optional fields: See Mint collection assets from template or metadata (ERC721AutoId) (opens in a new tab)