Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Easily deploy and manage smart contracts utilizing our intuitive REST API endpoints and without the need for private keys or crypto.

Digital Assets


All digital asset smart contracts are deployed using EIP2535 Diamond Standard to support modular upgradeability

Mint, burn, and transfer tokens for a seamless token management experience.

Fungible Tokens ERC20 (coming soon)

Launch and interact with fungible ERC20 (opens in a new tab) tokens that can be used as gaming currencies, loyalty points, or other incentive mechanism. ERC20 tokens are well designed for compatibility with DeFi protocols.

Non-Fungible Tokens ERC721

Launch and interact with non-fungible ERC721 (opens in a new tab) tokens that can represent digital certificates, memberships, gaming collectibles or any unique piece of data that can only have a single owner.

Semi-Fungible Tokens ERC1155 (coming soon)

Launch and interact with semi-fungible ERC1155 (opens in a new tab) tokens that can represent tickets, gaming collectibles or any unique piece of data that can have multiple owners.

Modular Upgradeable Contracts

Diamond Standard EIP2535

Learn more about EIP2535 from its creator Nick Mudge Introduction to Diamond Standard (opens in a new tab)

Diamond Standard EIP2535 (opens in a new tab) smart contracts support modular upgradeability. In other words, smart contracts deployed through Owl Protocol are built as a combination of Lego Blocks that implement specific features (eg. NFT, minting rules, custom logic). As such, these can be incrementally upgraded and swapped out.

Using Diamond Contracts

Using Diamond Standard allows for greater flexibility as your project evolves. Assume for example that you launch a simple ERC721 NFT. Later on you decide you wish to add a new feature to your smart contract such as the EIP4907 (opens in a new tab) Rental extension. Let's compare what would happen depending on whether you're using a regular ERC721 contract or an ERC721 implemented using Diamond Standard.

Static Smart Contract

Static smart contracts cannot be upgraded once deployed. As such, it's impossible to add the Rental Extension to your existing smart contract. The only solution is to have your users migrate to a new smart contract which can cause significant friction.

Diamond Standard Smart Contract

Diamond smart contracts can upgrade facets (aka implementation code) to enable/disable features for certain functions. To support the Rental Extension, you can add a facet with the necessary functions (eg. userOf) and upgrade your diamond contract. As such, the Diamond Standard smart contract can support the Rental extension without any user migration or change to your smart contract's address.

Smart Wallets ERC4337


To use smart wallets, checkout our guide on sending Gasless Transactions

Deploy EIP4337 (opens in a new tab) Smart Wallet contracts for your users to batch transactions and sponsor transaction fees using Account Abstraction.

Optimism Stack Contracts (coming soon)

Interact with Optimism Rollup Contracts (opens in a new tab) to quickly bridge native tokens, ERC20 tokens, and ERC721 tokens across Superchain Ecosystem (opens in a new tab) chains.