No Code Dashboard

No Code Dashboard

Owl Protocol Dashboard is the hub that lets you quickly manage your Decentralized Application. Using the dashboard, you can quickly launch and configure smart contracts, manage metadata, view analytics, and collaborate with other team members.

Quick Access

Owl Protocol Dashboard (opens in a new tab) - Your central hub for managing your Decentralized Application.


No Code Smart Contracts

Use the Owl Protocol Dashboard to quickly deploy and configure smart contracts. Owl Protocol Dashboard & API work seamlessly together. The dashboard can deploy and interact with the same contracts that the API can. You can, for example, deploy an NFT from the dashboard and mint it from the API or vice-versa.

Analytics (coming soon)

View analytics about your project such as active wallets, recent transactions, and digital asset (eg. tokens, NFTs) transfers.

Collaborative Development

Owl Protocol is for startups and enterprises, from solo devs to global teams!

Are you working with multiple developers? Create a team to share access to smart contracts and all of your Decentralized Application resources.

Are you a consulting company? Create a project for your client and transfer ownership when complete.