Custom EVM Chains
Add Custom Chain

Add Custom EVM Chain

Owl Protocol can be deployed on any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain. Adding Owl Protocol to your custom chain provides a layer of additional tooling for builders in your ecosystem.

  • Contracts API for simple web3 development
  • Smart Wallets (ERC4337) for users & developers
  • No code Smart Contract Management
  • 6000+ Web2 Plugins using Zapier

In this tutorial, you will add a custom EVM chain configuration to your organization.



If you are looking to launch a new L2/L3 rollup, checkout our guide on launching a custom chain or reach out (opens in a new tab) for dedicated support.

You must have a blockchain launched with the following characteristics

We also recommend using one of the following blockchain rollup frameworks if possible for better compatibility guarantees.


Get Chain Info & Funds

Gather the following information about your blockchain

  • Name of your blockchain network
  • Chain ID: Unique identifier of your blockchain
  • RPC URL: Connection endpoint to your blockchain
  • Block Explorer URL (optional): Used to explore transactions on your network
  • At least 0.05 in native tokens (eg. ETH) used to pay gas fees on your blockchain

Add Custom Network

  1. Go to the Owl Dashboard (opens in a new tab) and create a project that will use your custom chain
  2. Click Add Custom Network to open a window to add your deployed chain
  1. Name the network
  2. Add the RPC URL and Chain ID
  3. Set the symbol to your native token sumbol (eg. ETH)
  4. Add the Block Explorer URL (optional)
  5. Click Create Network
  1. Continue filling out your project information, such as the name and description
  2. Select your newly added custom network for this project

Funding the Gas Tank

Owl Protocol uses Account Abstraction (ERC4337) to sponsor gas fees for developers and users. This creates a seamless experience for interacting with blockchains. On custom networks, you will need to fund the gas tank yourself using the native tokens of your blockchain (eg. ETH).

The gas tank address depends on what environment you are in

  • 0xa2E8B0AE8B5A51d494eCf7E35F3734A6CEd7eeCf
  • 0xAAb6f44B46f19d061582727B66C9a0c84C97a2F6
  1. Check the current gas tank balance in the Blockchain section in your project.
  2. If the balance is 0, click the warning box or More Info button to show the blockchain information, which will display the gas tank address.
  3. Send at least 0.2 native tokens to the gas tank (more is better). These funds will be used to cover the gas fees of transactions sent through the Owl Protocol bundler

If you need assistance, reach out to our support team on Discord (opens in a new tab).

Build With Owl Protocol

Your custom blockchain is now integrated with Owl Protocol. You can now follow all of our other tutorials and guides but using your custom chain.