Web2 Plugins (Zapier)

Web2 Plugins (Zapier)

Integrating Zapier with Owl Protocol opens up a world of possibilities for Hybrid Decentralized Applications. Hybrid Decentralized Applications expand traditional business use cases with the web3 benefits of decentralization, interoperability, and user ownership.


Zapier is a powerful automation platform that lets connect different services without coding. Create automated workflows, called Zaps, that consist of triggers (events that start a Zap) and actions (tasks performed by a Zap).

Use the Owl Protocol Zapier App to quickly connect your DApp to existing web platforms such as Google Forms, Eventbrite, or Shopify. Over 6000 integrations are supported by Zapier, so the sky is the limit!

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The Owl Protocol Zapier App (opens in a new tab) enables a wide range of possibilities for creating Hybrid Decentralized Applications.

Create User Wallets

If your Zap trigger collects an email, you can quickly create a Social Login Wallet for them. This is a great way to seamlessly onboard your user onto your DApp. You can also easily mint digital assets (eg. NFTs, tokens) to your user.

Mint Digital Assets

Automate the minting of digital assets (eg. NFTs, tokens) based on Zapier triggers. For example, a Shopify purchase can mint on-chain loyalty points to the customer's wallet.

Manage Metadata

Keep your NFT metadata (eg. image, attributes) up-to-date by using Zapier to sync data from other apps automatically. For example, images can be synced from a Google Drive folder to your NFT Collection, updating whenever you makes changes.

Database Integrations

Connect popular web2 databases such as PostgresSQL, Firebase, or Airtable. This is particularly useful if you're looking to incrementally add web3 features to your existing application. For example, you can sync your PostgreSQL database to create wallets for users or mint NFT gaming assets.

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