Deploy Collection

Deploy a collection

Deploy digital asset collection with single unique items.

import { createClient } from "@owlprotocol/core-trpc";
const API_KEY_SECRET = "<API_KEY_SECRET>" //Replace this with your API Key Secret
const client = createClient({ apiKey: API_KEY_SECRET });
const collection = await client.collection.deploy.mutate({
    chainId: 150150,
    name: "My Collection",
    symbol: "MYC"

API Endpoint


x-api-key string required

Body Params

chainId number required
Network chain id

name string required
Name of collection

symbol string required
Ticker symbol of collection. Should be 3-4 characters long.

baseUri string
Base URI for token metadata. Defaults to Owl Protocol API Endpoint.

royaltyReceiver string
ERC2981 Royalty receiver. Defaults to smart account address.

feeNumerator string
ERC2981 Royalty amount in basis points. Defaults to 5% => 500/10000

contractImage string
An image for contract metadata. Encoded in base64.

contractImageSuffix string
The extension of the image